Who are we?

Intiigra is owned by Intiigra technologies.A company registered in accordance with the companies and allied matters acts

Intiigra is an online market directory/ hub.The primary reason for the intiigra business solution ,is the need to solve the problems created by nature in conventional commercial/ trading activities. There is always the unavoidable fundamentals of RISK,SECURITY,CONVINIENCE,LOCATION and the availability of the right and correct INFORMATION.
There is a general consensus that the major problems of trade the world over, is the recurring decimal of WHERE, HOW? The ability to access the market of our choice , considering this obvious challenges of DISTANCE/LOCATION,CONVINIENCE and SAFETY becomes all the more urgent in this globalised world.
The intiigra business solution is a tailor made solution that addresses these issues, by bringing the market to you: To your doorstep, to your inner room, in your bed,at your finger TIP.
The intiigra business strategy and model provide answers to the often and frequently asked questions of WHERE, HOW,WHICH and WHEN associated with commerce. This answers are completely and effectively made available with just a click and a surf with a phone through our innovative mobile application.
This innovative application, addresses the inconveniences and stress experienced by buyers and sellers all over. It is a MARKET DIRECTORY that allows a buyer in any part of the world, TO INITIATE TRANSACTION,BARGAIN,AGREE AND MAKE PURCHASES from any of our featured markets and to do so even without leaving the comforts of their bed.The user would meet actual SHOP/STALL OWNERS and TRADERS in as many SOURCE MARKETS as possible. It brings the market to the user 24/7 and grants them uncommon and unhindered ACCESS.
The intiigra business solution, reduce significantly, the STRESS,RISK,TIME and RESOURCES expended in normal every day buying and selling activities thereby increasing the EASE and SPEED of doing business.
Effectively, the intiigra mobile application ,replicates all the activities/transactions that would normally and physically occur in any conventional market through its innovative features and products. The user can do credit purchase via the QUICKTRADE pavilion, hoard ,speculate [buying now and selling later when the price appreciates courtesy of our DEALER goodybag product and also enjoy cutting edge TRANSACTION LOGISTICS and ADVISORY SERVICES on the MARKETSQUARE/DIRECTORY.


To become the largest market directory for business, to connect businesses and empower lifes.To facilitate trade and ease of doing business.


The intiigra business vision is to be the market hub of choice. To bring our every day market to our doorsteps and grant effortless market access to businesses and individuals