Q:How do I buy or make purchases on the site?
A:Simply log in unto the HUB.Type product on search menu and market listings would display names of traders/shop owners from intiigra database.Select from the list of traders,call or chat with as many as possible,to agree on a favourable bargain.A subscriber has two service options;SELF SERVICE or THE HUB SERVICE which guarantees a quick and seamless delivery to any location .For either of the two, simply go to categories, click on Marketsquare/Directory,search for market/product and complete your transactions on locating a seller.
Q:How do I pay?
A:If you are using the HUB SERVICE,you can pay online, using your debit card or directly into our bank account.Payment mode is as agreed by the buyer and the seller, if the subscriber decides to do the self service option.
Q:How do I become a QUICKTRADER or a DEALER?
A: To be a quicktrader,register and create your account by filling the registration form at ₦2000 only.To qualify to be a DEALER,view prices of product(s) from the markets,submit a transaction request form at the DEALER gallery,transaction identification/confirmation would be sentto you via e-mail or sms .Now buy,store and sell at your convinience and make money.